100% Natural & Vegan

Ibaïna's products are ecofriendly, biodegradable and

exclusively made from non eco-toxic ingredients.

90% of our plants are grown by ourselves or locally in Mauritius.

0 animal ingredients / 0 animal testing

"Go Green" deliveries with DHL

Our shipments are part of the 600,000 annual "Go Green" parcels

delivered with DHL : our carbon impact is fully compensated

and funds international ecological programs.

* Neutral carbon impact certified by SGS.

0 "nasties" & 0 waste

Ibaïna's recipes are made from "0 nasties" ingredients

selected according a strict quality and ecological criteria.

Our packagings are reduced and refillable.

All our products are ecofriendly & 100% biodegradable.

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# Love Your Nature !

Ibaïna was created in 2017 by a French couple in need of natural, safe and

ecofriendly products so we could reconcile Pleasure, Health and Ecology :

Ibaïna's (literally "Heart of Mother Earth") soaps and shampoos,

natural cosmetics, hygiene, home and everyday-lifestyle products

came with passion and challenge, but they did !

Ibaïna's products are 100% biodegradable and nasties-free.

They contain no sulphates nor petrochemicals ingredient,

neither any drop of Palm Oil, nor PEG, CMR, OGM, SLS, SCS and other SCI.

They are fully vegan and never tested on Animals.

Ibaïna is your well-being shop 100% Nature, without any compromise.

% eco-friendly
eco-toxic ingredient
% vegan
animal testing

What people say...

You do care about your ecological impact and you're looking for simple and natural products ? Welcome at Ibaïna's! Passionately, we handmake "S.O.A.P.'s" (traditional cold saponification process), shampoo bars toothpastes, deodorants, balms and many natural cares with vegetable oils, plants, fruits, clays and minerals.

The industrial ingredients we use are: Sodium hydroxide ("caustic soda" or "lye") for the cold saponification of our soaps, Carbonate Calcium and Sodium Bicarbonate ("baking soda") for our deodorants, toothpastes, and to pH balance of our shampoo-bars, Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate and Coco-Glucoside (biodegradable & O nasties surfactants) derived from the fermentation of Coconut sugars for our shampoo, natural food flavor (shampoo-bars & candles), natural Grasse fragrances CMR-phthalates-allergens-free for our laundry softener...

That's all !

  • 0 synthetic dye / 0 GMO / 0 paraben / 0 sulphates / 0 silicone / 0 phthalates / 0 PEG / 0 estherified or methylated surfactant (SCI, SCS, SMLI ...)
  • Formulations are developed by professionals (doctors, pharmacists, aromatherapists) and controlled by independent laboratories
  • Manufactures is made according to French standards ("GMP" Good Manufacturing Practices & recommendations ANSM National Agency for Safety and Health Products - France), European (EC Regulation n ° 1223/2009, CSP n ° 2014-201, CPNP) and international (Food Drugs Administration FDA - USA)
  • A permanent commitment to sourcing and using the most eco-friendly ingredients of their manufacturing process to their final biodegradation, for an ecotoxicity ZERO: no essential oils in products intended for wastewater, no sulphates, no oil palm ...
  • Plants from certified organic crops (AB, Ecocert or USDA), permaculture or picked in the wild by us in Mauritius or by a network of local producers (Agaléga, Rodrigues, South Africa, Madagascar). All our ingredients are tested for their pesticide content.
  • A global ecological approach, from production to recycled, recyclable and refillable packaging, and compensated carbon impact deliveries *
  • An economic approach on a human scale and a direct relationship with producers for fair and sustainable trade
  • A strong social commitment to support local producers and fight against precariousness and inequalities (protection of women and children, support for educational programs, schooling for all, fight against menstrual precariousness ...)
  • Our recipes are wonderered, manufactured and packaged with passion by a French soap master and his team, in the heart of the Indian Ocean in Mauritius
  • 90% of our vegetable ingredients are manufactured or grown by us and / or by local producers: the BLUE economy is a reality at Ibaïna!
  • A totally virgin coconut oil pressed by hand in Agaléga (manual collection and traditional manufacturing / no animal exploitation)
  • All our products are 100% Vegan / Not tested on Animals (ingredients AND finished products) / Without Palm Oil
  • Our products are reef-safe (= without any danger for reefs and aquatic life)

(* certified by SGS)

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