"MèreVeille!" 80g / Belly-care Anti-stretch marks specific

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"MèreVeille !" is a solid anti-stretch mark care specifically formulated to prepare the skin in the first months of pregnancy. Enriched with avocado and precious grape seed oils, its formula protects and reinforces the elasticity of the skin in depth. "MèreVeille !" It is applied once or twice a day on the belly and is recommended from the 1st to the 5th month of pregnancy. Its texture "dry oil" (non-greasy) is very comfortable!

  • Composition: Natural Soy Wax (Non-GMO), Arrowroot, Avocado Oils, Grape Seeds oil, Calophyllum and Baobab oils, Raw Butter and Shea Oleine, Supercritical CO2 Extract of Rosemary
  • From the 1rst to the 5th month of pregnancy
  • Weight: 80g (6x3cm) - Refillable aluminum box

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INCI : Natural soy wax (non GMO), Maranta arundinacea root*, Persea Gratissima oil*, Vitis vinifera seed oil *, Calophyllum inophyllum *, Adansonia digitata oil *, Butyrospermum parkii butter and olein*, Rosmarinus officinalis C02 extract*

In green: organic *, natural or wild-harvest quality (* AB label, Ecocert or USDA)

Underlined: ingredients produced and/or processed locally and/or by ourselves

> Ibaïna solid balms are made from pure vegetable oils, non-GMO natural soy wax and Arrow-root. The active ingredients are added at a temperature below 38 ° to preserve all the qualities and effectiveness of the ingredients. The balms have a convenient size (6x3cm / 80g) and fit in the refillable aluminum boxes (80ml / 7x3,5cm).

> This balm is formulated without Essential Oil. It can be used from the beginning of pregnancy and during breastfeeding.

Zoom on the ingredients:

> Soy wax is a natural non-GMO vegetable wax that restores the effectiveness of ingredients at low temperatures; it balances the texture and gives it its suppleness: it thus melts delicately at the temperature of the skin.

> Arrowroot: this root is used to texture the balm to reduce the oily texture. The balms have a "dry oil" texture very nice, which allows to dress quickly and not to "shine" a thousand lights :-)

> Avocado oil: softens, moisturizes and brings tonicity to the skins. Rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, vitamin A, B, D, E and K, it brings its benefits and protects the skin without weighing it down. Our avocado oil is made by us from organic avocado. The flesh is dried and then pressed to produce an oil of extraordinary quality!

> Calophyllum oil: Calophylle, or Tamanu, restructures the tissues and has an extraordinary restorative and healing effect. It helps to reduce scars and stretch marks thanks to its calaustraline content, a true skin "regenerator". Our Calophyllum oil is produced in Madagascar by Malagasy farmers engaged in the eco-responsible management of forest resources.

> Grape seed oil: very balanced in fatty acids, it nourishes the skin in depth. Rich in polyphenols, it strengthens skin tone; it is also emollient, nourishes the skin deeply. Dry texture, it penetrates quickly without feeling "greasy".

> Baobab oil: with its heart-shaped seeds, Baobab is a friend of choice! The regenerative properties of Baobab oil firm the skin and strengthen its elasticity; revitalizing, it is effective in the prevention and healing of stretch marks. Our Baobab oil is produced in Madagascar by Malagasy farmers

> Shea butter and olein : called "the gold of women" in Africa, raw Shea butter deeply moisturizes dry and delicate skins. Very rich in fatty acids and vitamins A, D, E and F, its moisturizing and protective properties take care of your skin.

> Supercritical CO2 Extract of Rosemary: This valuable extract acts as a preservative and antioxidant of oils. The balms are destined to be handled in the hands, this natural preservative guarantees a durable product for about 6 months after the first use. The little plus (or biiiig) plus: this high-tech ingredient has anti-oxidant and healing properties very useful to strengthen the action of this treatment.

Some recommendations:

- Ibaïna solid balms are made in Mauritius: they are studied not to melt at ambient temperatures, even high one! It is the external temperature of the human body (36 °) that gently warms the balm, so it must be slowly passed over the skin (to facilitate its warming) and on the edge (the application surface is thinner). You can warm the balm in your hands if desired or in case of very cold ambient temperature.

- Do not leave your balms exposed to the direct heat of the sun or on a radiator! If the balm melts, it is quite possible to "remould" it by melting it gently in a bain-marie (maximum temperature of 39 °) and then mold it in the container of your choice.

We hope you enjoy this product and its INCI!

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Ecofriendly & 0 nasties
This product is made with ecofriendly ingredients & 0 nasties : it is safe for environment AND for you !
Zero waste
Refillable packaging / Eco-refill
100% Vegan & Cruelty-free
This product is made with 100% vegetable and/or mineral ingredients. All Ibaïna's products are : not tested on Animals (ingredients NOR finished product) + 100% biodegradable + 0 toxicity on aquatic fauna & flora


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