Your parcel is delivered in France, Europe and worldwild by our partner DHL under label "Go Green": they travel and are delivered to you in carbon impact O.

> The carbon impact of our deliveries is neutral: each package sent to finance international ecological programs (reforestation, ecovillage construction, protection of biodiversity, development of renewable energy including solar cookers in Lesotho, Fairtrade Climate Standard certified program) ...). If our products are 0 nasties and 0 ecotoxicity, they are also 0 pollution thanks to offset carbon footprint that DHL Go Green allows us to guarantee. These data are verified annually by independent audit and certified by SGS (Société Générale de Surveillance, Greenhouse Gas Protocol Product Accounting and Reporting Product Standard). Our packages not only pollute less than road transport, they are also more profitable for the planet than any other transportation.

> Shipments are made with a tracking number that allows you to follow step by step the progress of your delivery. The packages are delivered to any address of your choice: at home, at your place of work, or in any address of your choice. Our packages are non-commercial: no advertising logo "Ibaïna" on our cartons!

> Shipping fees are required to respect the work of all Ibaïna partners, from the production of plants to the delivery of our products to you. Deliveries have a cost, ecological and economic: we know how important it is! Minimizing the shipping costs by cutting down on the work done, or hiding them in higher unit rates, would not be fair. Selling healthy and environmentally friendly products by polluting the world would not be more. That's why we charge the shipping costs to the actual rates charged by our DHL shipping provider, the only one to date offering a comprehensive and certified GHG offset program. This price, it is 10.90 € the first kilo transported from Mauritius to France or England offset carbon impact (DHL rate on 1 October 2019). To this price, we have to add 18€ + 20% of customs fees to fit to legal requirements of exportation. Some of you will find it expensive or "prohibitive" as we have sometimes read, but it is the real price that is committed to providing you with a product whose ingredients have been carefully cultivated and manufactured, assembled and then shipped in once without ecological pressure to Europe. On the contrary, every package shipped participates in international ecological programs!

- To those who answer us "I prefer to buy local at lower cost", we answer you this: products made in France or Europe with coconut or its derivatives, avocado, shea, siwak , but also the SCI or the SMLI, have absolutely nothing "local". They have been sold at low prices and shipped in large quantities by ship, the most polluting transport in the world and for which there is no ecological compensation program. We are familiar with the constraints of "local" manufacturing in Europe, they are the ones who motivated us to go to the Indian Ocean to see and grow our own plants! So yes, 10,90€ and more, it's expensive, but it's the ecological and qualitative guarantee that we can bring you. The "real green & ethical business" is at this price!

- To those who compare our prices to the "giants" of the "green market", offering deliveries or invoicing them at a low price, we are not these "giants" there, and we do not share this philosophy: if we try to practice the lowest possible rates to allow as many people as possible to access truly healthy products, we do not wish to unbalance a local, artisanal and eco-friendly economy. Announcing minimal or free delivery costs is impacting men and women whose work is valuable. It is also lying to you by camouflaging these fixed costs in selling prices disguised to accommodate the part "transport". We refuse these practices. We know that this choice and this ethics will discourage many of you from ordering Ibaïna references, and we are sorry: the ecology, the true, the respect of the men, the truth, and the respect of the consumer, the true, are at this price.

> Our packages are shipped all taxes included: we pay VAT specific to each country, you have no tax to pay. For example a package entering France is taxed at 20% VAT: these fees are anticipated and paid by us, you have nothing to pay, we have already dealt! Whether you are in Switzerland, Germany, India or the United States, this service "taxes included" allows us to ensure deliveries 100% tranquility and 0 bad surprises!

> Our delivery packaging is reduced to minimum and our packagings are made of local materials and 100% recyclable: tinplate, recycled aluminum, recycled kraft paper and cardboard, articles set with non-chlorinated kraft paper ... We develop the solid galenics to reduce transport problems due to liquid products.

Items without packaging are simply wrapped with a sheet of protective kraft paper so that they do not get damaged during transport. A personalized word is often written on these papers to thank you for your confidence. We attach, when we have, a small leaflet printed on recycled paper ;-) Do not blame us if your package does not contain it: we only produce them on the signal of our local printer when a lot of paper is left (we do think "zero waste" and we are not aiming to use more trees than needed!). But have a look in your parcel, a THANK YOU is always present in your package to show you our gratitude and express our pleasure to know that you too, are committed to a healthier and more respectful planet! #ColibriPower!

> We are not perfect, but we do our best! Each package shipped is filled with our difficulties and our happiness, all these steps that have allowed ingredients "from the end of the world" to come to you. Each package is the sum of a patient and collective work that brings together humans who, just like you, are concerned and committed to developing a "blue" economy: health, local, environment, solidarity.

We sincerely hope that our products will give you complete satisfaction, but do not hesitate to send us your comments, wishes, improvements!

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