Ibaïna recipes are made from pure, natural, mineral or vegetable ingredients (no ingredients of animal origin). We add some essential industrial ingredients like caustic soda for saponification or baking soda to regulate the pH.

We do not use any petrochemical additives, no sulphate, no unnatural preservatives, the list of "without" is very long: Ibaïna, it is a challenge met with passion to work with natural and eco-friendly ingredients from manufacturing to use, all completely biodegradable. We systematically eliminate from our sourcing projects ingredients that may be harmful to humans or to the environment (for example: titanium dioxide, synthetic vitamin E / tocopherols, hidden derivatives of palm oil ...) .

The toxicity of our products is the subject of all our attention, both for you and for Nature: all our products are formulated and controlled by professionals and independent French and international laboratories (doctors, pharmacists, aromatherapists, laboratories specialized in research of pesticides, specialized laboratories in the expertise of solar protections). Our products are zero-waste and non-polluting; they are also fully biodegradable and reef-safe (safe for aquatic life : corals, fishes, algaes...).

Ibaïna is the essence of Nature concentrated in simple and practical recipes, sometimes ancestral, restyled with love or a pinch of poetry or a zest of humor! None of our products are tested on Animals. Our vegetable ingredients come from organic agriculture certified AB, Ecocert or USDA (oils, natural flavors, hydrolats, essential oils ...), perma-cultures local (mint, lemongrass ...) or "wild" picking in wild Nature (Neem, Babool, Vetiver ...) and / or from local and fair trade.

Ibaïna is a selection and a constant search for the best eco-friendly ingredients, healthy and respectful of the Human and its Nature ... without a single compromise.

Only 100% ecofriendly & healthy ingredients

Certified organic plant ingredients or from perma-cultures or picked in the wild

0 ecotoxical ingredients / 0 nasties / 0 Palm Oil / 0 O.G.M. / 0 C.M.R. / 0 S.C.I. / 0 S.C.S / 0 sulphates

Soap's makers AND Plant grower !

Because the quality of our raw ingredients is the heart of our work, we use totally pure and natural vegetable ingredients.

Coconut / Olives / Avocado / Raw shea butter

We produce Coconut (Agalega) and Avocado oils. We import Olives oil (Spain), Neem oil (Madagascar), raw Shea butter (Ghana)

Spices / Fruits / Plants / Carbon

We produce 90% of our plants, from root to powder (permaculture, organic or wild picking in natural areas)

Minerals & Clays

Non-Nickel Zinc Oxide, Clays & Rhassoul, Marine Salt, Calcium Carbonate are part of our compositions

Ecological surfactants / 0 Sulphates / 0 SCI / 0 SMLI

We use Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate and Coco-Glucoside for our solid shampoos and household liquid soaps

Floral waters

These plant treasures are distilled from protected plants and flowers grown in natural environment or certified organic

Industrial additives

Sodium Hydroxide, Baking Soda and Citric Acid come into our compositions when this is essential

Essential oils

Our essential oils are distilled from natural plants and flowers; we use them only in non ronsed products

Floral waters

These plant treasures are distilled from protected plants and flowers grown in natural environment or certified organic

Natural vegetable waxes

To texture our recipes and avoid synthetic products, we use natural & non-GMO soy and rice waxes

Filtered water

Our waters are filtered to eliminate micro-particles, bacteria, fungi and pollutants (chlorides, metals ..)

Love and Time !

The secrets of our fabrications are patience and passion; we manufacture by hand all our products

We do not use any other ingredient in our recipes: no synthetic preservatives, no petrochemical additives, no artificial colors ...

It is our choice, and it is also a real challenge that we meet with passion, patience and commitment!

Our ingredients & finished products are vegan and are not tested on Animals: they are "cruelty-free".

All our products are biodegradable and eco-friendly, from production to use.

To help you find yourself in the "jungle" of cosmetics and INCI, here are our specific sections:

#Check Your INCI !

The cosmetics are strictly regulated: each labeling informs you. Learn to read them!

#Zoom on Memo & Ideas to be moved !

See life in Green and ZW, it can not be learned in one day! Discover our memo!

#Stop to Nasties !

Nasties are these harmful ingredients for your health and for Nature: identify them easily!


Vegetables Oils

We select pure vegetable oils called "first pressure" and "extra virgin" quality: produced in Europe (olives / Spain and Italy) or by local producers (coco / Agaléga) or by ourselves (coconut butter), they ar epart of 95 to 100% of our SOAP's "SAF" recipes. They come from fruit grown without pesticides (certified organic, living-garden or from natural cultures in natural environment), contain no preservatives or additives ("organic" quality). Of course we do not use Palm Oil.

Coconut oil (organic or natural culture) "flocculates" when the temperature drops below 25 °; it solidifies completely at 22 °. This feature is not only a guarantee of quality, but also an interesting property to achieve solid care such as toothpaste, deodorant or lip balm. Nourishing and rich in lauric and myristic acid, Coconut Oil is naturally softening, antiseptic and protective. It is very easily absorbed by the skin and the dander: it is an excellent massage and care oil for the skin and the hair.

Olives oil (organic or not certified) is naturally rich in antioxidants; soft and moisturizing, its unique properties have been used since the beginning of time for the manufacture of soaps (Aleppo soap, Marseille soap ...) and hair care. Its high content of Vitamin E (natural preservative), Pro-Vitamin A (anti-oxidant), Chlorophyll (healing & "booster") and Polyphenols (anti-free radicals) confer essential benefits: Olive Oil is protective and restructuring, moisturizing and softening.

Vegetables, Spices & Fruits

Nature is full of 100% vegetable treasures! Perfumed or not, spices & plants bring benefits sometimes unsuspected!

Badiane: Also known as "star anise", Badiane seduces with its anise and amber scent. We use it in our recipes for these energizing and stimulating properties. It pleasantly colors the soaps and gives them a slightly exfoliating action. Used in herbal tea, it facilitates digestion, it boosts immune defenses and soothes coughs.

Cardamom: "Elaïti" is a pillar of Ayurvedic care. We use it in our soaps for its tonic, balancing and exfoliating action. It is also full of benefits when consumed, powdered or herbal tea (anti-inflammatory, anti-bad breath ...).

Nigella: also called "black cumin", Nigella is antioxidant, soothing and naturally anti-bacterial. It is recommended in the care of mature skin, irritated or acne: the soap "Nigelle" by Ibaïna offers a care "tailor-made" for these "skins". Used as a poultice (50g of Coconut Oil + 50g of crushed Nigella) or massage (Coconut / Nigella balm), it helps to relieve psoriasis, eczema and burns.

We also use other plants & spices for the preparation of Ibaïna recipes: Cinnamon, Moringa, Ginger, Turmeric, Lemongrass, Siwak, Sugar Cane, Vanilla, Frangipani, Coconut shell charcoal ... All are grown without pesticides ( organic quality or perma-culture and / or fair trade).

Minerals & Clays

Minerals are precious themselves in terms of cosmetics and health! Here are the ones we use at Ibaïna:

Ghassoul: true "washing earth", Ghassoul is a volcanic clay only present and harvested in Morocco. Its exceptional ability to absorb impurities and greases make it a must for washing hair and skin. Very gentle, it respects the hydrolipidic film of the skin and the scalp, without irritating the sebaceous glands. Used pure as a mask or added to our solid soap shampoo recipes, Ghassoul is a solid ally!

White Clay: Also known as "kaolin", the superfine White Clay is rich in silica. Very soft, it is recommended for delicate and sensitive skin, dry or temporarily dehydrated. It is naturally purifying, softening and sanitizing. It comes from primary (from granitic rocks alteration) or secondary deposits (redeposition of kaolin from primary deposits). We use it in toothpastes "powder" for its abrasive function light and absorbing odors. It is also integrated in some SOAP's recipes for its softening and restorative functions.

Calcium carbonate: major compound of limestones (chalk, marble ...), it is also known as "tartar" in our pipes! We use it as a mild abrasive in some of our toothpaste recipes.

Industrial additives

To produce soaps or to regulate the pH, we need to add some industrial ingredients :

Baking soda: its real name NaHCO3, Sodium Bicarbonate has been used since ancient times for its cleaning properties. It can be synthesized from natron or trona deposits, but is more often collected by treating the brackish waters of the producing zones of these ores. We use it for our Deodorant and Toothpaste recipes, as well as as a pH regulator in our Sugar Foam. It is completely biodegradable and does not disturb ecosystems.

Caustic Soda: Sodium Hydroxide is a mineral chemical substance obtained by electrolysis of salt saturated water (brine). We use it to develop our cold saponified soaps S.O.A.P.'s. Potassium Hydroxide, obtained by treating hard wood ash, is used to saponify liquid soaps. Naturally corrosive, the Soudes must imperatively be used with precaution. Raw, Sodium Hydroxide is particularly toxic to aquatic fauna and flora (in addition to being very corrosive), which is why we do not recommend its use as a household product. The caustic soda used for cold saponification is fully saponified, and the surgras (7 to 8%) of our soaps makes sure that all the soda has been used. Thus, soaps dried after 4 weeks of cure no longer contain Sodium Hydroxide: they are now saponified oils that are completely biodegradable and safe for ecosystems.

Essential Oils

We use very few Essential Oils: these "Treasure Oils" are of course fabulous and full of benefits, but they must be used under certain conditions and in very small quantities when they are released into wastewater (Essential Oils are toxic to aquatic fauna and flora).

Contraindications: Futures and Young Mums must be vigilant in their use. Some Essential Oils are contraindicated in some stages of pregnancy, others throughout the pregnancy, and still others during breastfeeding. Similarly, babies and young children, cats, should not be in contact with Essential Oils. All products containing Essential Oils contain information, precautions and counter-indications specific to each Essential Oil in order to avoid any error.

Our recipes containing Essential Oils are elaborated under the advice and the control of several Aromatherapists and naturopathic doctors.

Menthol: extract of the essential oil of peppermint, we use it in our toothpaste recipe "Smile Fresh": it offers a "bit of freshness" to those who wish it! For its use, we respect the recommendations of use of the ANSM (ex AFSSAPS / August 2008), namely:

- maximum concentration of menthol in cosmetic products for children aged 3 to 6: 4.5%

- maximum concentration of menthol in cosmetic products for children under 3 years of age: 0.45% (not applicable to oral hygiene products)

As a precaution, menthol is not recommended during pregnancy (it is extracted from Essential Oil Peppermint, which is abortive). Similarly, homeopathic treatments should be spaced approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour after use of menthol to maintain the efficacy of the treatment.

Our "Smile Fresh" toothpaste contains 1.5% Menthol.

Supercritic C02 Rosemary Extract

You will not find any drop of Tocopherols in our products, nor synthetic or petrochemical preservative.

About tocopherols, they are sold as a "natural" conservative, although it is Vitamine E (guess how it is made ?) carried on a vegetable oil (most often Sunflower Oil, but you can find others, even on Palm Oil). Also, our daughter Charlotte had a very critical allergy as a newborn when her mother use an organic certified liniment on her skin : there is NO way we can put this conservative in our products !

In order to preserve Ibaïna products for the long term, we add when necessary a few drops of this totally magic extract that is the supercritical CO2 extract of Rosemary (organic) !


You want perfume, sweetness for you and Nature, and multiple benefits without any contraindications? The Floral Waters are here!

A hydrosol is a careful distillation of flowers and plants. They are most often made during the production of Essential Oils, but this is not mandatory. The hydrolates we use are either made by us in "fresh & handmade" (mint, lemongrass, cinnamon ...) or sourced from certified producers.

At Ibaïna, we are completely fans of these plant treasures! We use them among others in our "Sugar Foam" recipes, but Floral Waters are also fabulous used pure on the skin:

- Damascus Rose floral water, wonderful for irritated skin and mature skin

- Cornflower floral water, magic on dark circles and tired eyes

- Chamomile floral water, ideal for the care of baby's little buttocks, or on skin reddened by the sun


To texture our products, we use:

Natural soy wax (non-GMO): soft and very pleasantly scented, it solidifies deodorants and body balms to give them a practical texture. It is produced in "organic" process but not certified by its producer.

Rice wax (organic): this vegetable wax is used in the composition of our hair balms. it is indeed full of benefits for the hair, that she feeds, smooth and "sheath" without smothering it to bring him shine and health.

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