Reconcile Well-being and Ecology with the original recipes and 100% Nature of Ibaïna: soaps and shampoos "S.O.A.P.", cosmeto ', hygiene, home, lifestyle, everything is there! Our recipes contain no polluting ingredients, no animal products, no palm oil drop, no preservatives and no synthetic perfumes, no PEG, CMR, GMO, SLS, SCS and other SCI! Love your Nature, without compromise, with our soaps and care formulated only with eco-friendly ingredients and 0 nasties.

Choice & Quality

Ibaïna selects quality ingredients and materials: organic pure vegetable oils for our soap recipes S.O.A.P.'s, spices and plants grown by eco-friendly producers using no pesticides or chemical fertilizers, cotton no o.g.m. for our textiles, AAA grade ceramics for our mugs ...

Your order

Ibaïna team members will process your order within 24 hours after registration. You can contact us at any time to know where are the preparations! Your account is updated every step of the way, from preparation to shipping. The items are carefully colisée to ensure you a transport without damage (protective paper in raw kraft and non chlorinated recycled cardboard).

Your delivery

Your packages are delivered via DHL, our specialist partner for international "turnkey" delivery. Packages are shipped with a tracking number that allows you to track the delivery step by step. Packages are neutral, only the shipper and the consignee are mentioned on the delivery note; we do not sell any data concerning our customers, these are strictly intended for our services for the good treatment and delivery of your package. Local VAT and importation taxes are paid by us so you just have to enjoy our products !

Our shipments are "Zero Carbon Impact" certified:



Ibaïna = 0 nasties + 0 ecotoxicity + 0 carbon impact

- Your questions -

- Is my payment and personal information secure?

Our site is secure under https protocol: your personal data are confidential and online payments are provided by Paypal, Stripe and 2CheckOut platforms. All sensitive data is encrypted by the most efficient protocols (SSL / SIPS / ATOS). We do not archive or assign any data about our customers to third parties: confidentiality, security and performance are our commitments to you.

- Is sending and delivery of my package secure?

We entrust our deliveries to DHL, world leader in express delivery in France and abroad. Deliveries are made within 48 to 72 hours in France and Europe (average deadlines). Shipments are made under neutral package: no advertising or logo. The products are wedged and protected by recycled kraft paper and cardboard. Shipments are numbered and placed under tracking accessible online on or by our services, which will answer you quickly:

- How are the shipping costs calculated ?

Shipping costs are charged according to the weight and volume of your package, the delivery address and the amount of the order excluding shipping costs. A package of less than 1 kilo and less than 22 € of market value shipped to France is priced 10,90 € by our partner DHL. Beyond 22€, non-recoverable taxes (20%) and processing fees (€ 18) are applied respectively by French and European customs, and by DHL services to ensure the customs clearance of parcels. To soften the price of these exports, we have composed packs "Colibri" ( = hummingbird) : they are less than 1 kilo and we reduced our prices to stay below 22 €. These packages are shipped all taxes and fees included, you have no formalities to perform or additional costs to pay.

We are continuing our research to develop direct sales in your local stores, and hope one day to remake our recipes in France, for us to find a reliable partner and sharing our ethics.

- Do I have to pay additional fees such as taxes and customs fees?

Our shipments to individuals are made all taxes paid: the VAT specific to each country is paid by us, you have no tax to pay in addition to your purchase. Our partner DHL allows us to offer tax-included deliveries; the customs formalities and taxes are thus settled as soon as the parcel arrives in the country of destination. The only difference compared to a French company or specific to your country is that we do not recover this VAT, it remains acquired for the recipient country.

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