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Cider Vinegar is a 100% old and natural care that restores shine and tone to the hair: naturally acidic, it regulates the pH of the hair, helps to close its cuticles * and makes it supple and easy to comb. No more BTMS and other sulphate conditioners!

After the last rinse of your shampoo, vaporize "Shiny Pschitt" on the lengths and does not rinse. It is magic on dry, dull, brittle hair, and on long hair or getting tangled fast!

  • Composition: Filtered water, Organic Cider Vinegar
  • Aluminum 250ml bottle / Recycled plastic spray stopper
  • This bottle is eternally refillable : the recipe "M.Y.O." is on the label!
  • 100% Eco-friendly / Vegan / Cruelty-free / Biodegradable


INCI: Aqua, Cider vinegar

In green: organic *, natural or wild-harvest quality (* AB label, Ecocert or USDA)

Underlined: ingredients produced and/or processed locally and/or by ourselves

"Shiny Pschitt" is diluted to 20%: at this dilution, it does not dry the hair and does not create itching on even sensitive scalps. Once your bottle is finished, you can easily fill it forever with the recipe you are given on the label: really easy to do at home!

* Hair scales or cuticles are the "shield" of natural protection of your hair. Open, the hair becomes porous, dry, brittle, fragile and dull. Vinegar of Cider, because of its acidity, closes these cuticles: the hair is smoothed, it finds body and shine, and the disentangling is facilitated. This natural care is also recommended for colored hair and / or permed because these processes act by opening the scales: it is necessary to help the hair to close them so that it finds softness and shine.

"Shiny Pschitt" is recommended after a shampoo with "SAF" soaps to restore acidity to the hair: rinsed hair and slightly "wrung", spray 3 to 6 sprays on the tips (amount to adapt to the length of the hair), massage and preferably dry naturally.

"Shiny Pschitt" is also very useful on tangled hair: spray on the knots, massage and untie the fingers, brush or comb gently. The smoothing action of Vinegar takes about 5 minutes; disentangling is thus facilitated and avoids many tears.

Once dry, the smell of Vinegar disappears!

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Ecofriendly & 0 nasties
This product is made with ecofriendly ingredients & 0 nasties : it is safe for environment AND for you !


1 Reviews

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Enfin une marque qui prend soin de nous ! Le flacon est très pratique, l'équipe est vraiment sympa et a bien pris le temps de m'expliquer comment prendre soin de moi ! Le flacon est on ne peut plus pratique, joli en plus, et c'est vrai, la recette est écrite sur l'étiquette : je peux refaire mon shiny pschitt à volonté, j'apprécie vraiment cette éthique ! Merci Ibaïna

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