Washing Beads "Magi'Klean" - 140g

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Washing your clothes without polluting the environment, it is possible! Magnesium balls are an ecological, economical and effective solution for washing your laundry without any chemical detergent. You only need one "single" sock and 100 to 120g of beads to perform more than 360 washes in the economic cycle!

  • Recommended for very sensitive skin and baby clothes
  • Composition: 100% pure magnesium
  • Effective as from 30 °
  • Net weight: 140g


Magnesium balls wash your laundry by natural increase of the pH of the water; dirt, sebum and odors are eliminated by the ionization of the water molecules which, thus reduced, pass and wash the fibers without polluting the wastewater. Magnesium balls are suitable for all common washes, and leave the laundry clean and soft.

Magnesium beads wash without detergent, naturally, efficiently and economically: 140g of beads can perform up to 400 washes, at least more than a year of laundry at a rate of laundry per day. The balls also save water and energy by using shorter cycles (soaking - rinsing - spinning) and cold water (effective from 30 °).

Use :

- Place the quantity of balls adapted to the capacity of your machine in a "single" sock; knot it securely and place your "beads bag" directly into the drum of your machine. We do not supply an "all ready" bag in fabric because no seam can resist several months without yielding; the system of the "single" sock allows you to recycle your socks: it's totally "ZD" :)!

> Machine capacity 5 kilos: 100g of balls + 1 knotted sock

> Machine capacity 7 kilos: 120g of balls + 1 knotted sock

> The recommended weight according to the capacity of your machine allows optimal washing at low temperatures. The beads can be used with higher temperature cycles, and if the softener is not needed, they are still compatible with white vinegar or Ibaïna perfumed softener.

> Difficult tasks: soap them beforehand with a household soap.

> You can leave your "beads bag" in the drum between the machines, or dry it by simply hanging it in a ventilated place.

> Magnesium beads are compatible with Sodium Bicarbonate in case of gray cloth. Due to the exothermic reaction Oxygen / Magnesium, we do not recommend the use of Sodium Percarbonate (active from 40 °) and the balls in the same wash: wash the laundry in two stages if necessary.

- Every 3 months approximately:

> Check and adjust the weight of the balls: they decrease in size and weight as the washings go. Take the opportunity to check the strength of the sock, and change it if necessary.

> The balls can oxidize slightly: in this case, they will be dipped in a little white vinegar for a few minutes, rinsed and replaced in a new single sock ;-)

> Well maintained, 140g of beads allow you to carry out more than 400 washes!

- When the balls become too small, after about a year depending on the number of washes done, you can place them in the ground in your garden so that they can be degraded (Magnesium is one of the 4 most common natural metals on Earth and is an excellent fertilizer).

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