Maxi-SOAP'S "Castille" / pack of 2 x 130g

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You'll love this 100% natural and ultra-soft maxi-SOAP's ! It suits for all but it is particularly recommended for very sensitive skin, included young babies. 100% pure olive oil, its ancestral formula is native to the country of "thousand castles", Spain, which it bears the name. Castile washes gently and little foam. Moisten, rub in your hands or directly on the body and/or hair *, massage and rinse.

  • Composition : Olive Oil, Filtered Water, Sodium Hydroxyde
  • Surgras 7% / pH 8 / 2 S.O.A.P.'s of 130g each / 4.58 oz each
  • Recommended for very sensitive skin
  • Can also be used as a shampoo *

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INCI : Olea Europea Fruit Oil *, Aqua, Sodium Hydroxide

Text in green : ingredients from organic *, natural or wild-harvest quality (* AB, Ecocert or USDA certification)

Underlined: ingredients produced and/or processed locally and/or by ourselves

These natural soaps are handmade with lots of love ! Color and weight may evolute with drying ; soaps are sold after a 4-weeks natural drying ("cure"). When packed, weight is 130g each ; weight can decrease (loss of water when drying) without changing quality nor durability of the soaps. Produced according to the ancestral recipe of Castile Soap (100% Olive oil).


Soaps make excellent shampoos, provided you follow a few tips! Adaptation to SAF in shampoo on short hair and children's hair is done without difficulty; on the long hair at mid-long, a time of adaptation and some tricks are necessary.

Check our tips, informations and advices here !

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Olives oil is a source of multiple benefits for the skin: anti-oxidant, rich in antioxidants, monounsaturated fatty acids and vitamins E and K, it has been used for centuries in soap. If the cold saponification takes some benefits, it is still an ingredient of choice to produce a very mild soap. Ibaïna soaps are 7% surgras and scrupulously respect the ancestral formula of the soap Castile, native of Spain.

The water we use in our products is filtered to eliminate unwanted micro-particles, but also fungi, bacteria and pollutants such as pesticides, chlorides, sulphates, nitrates, hydrocarbons and heavy metals.

Sodium Hydroxide, or "caustic soda", is used in saponification to produce a foaming surfactant: soap.This is the oldest process to produce a cleaning agent!Once saponified, the oils no longer contain Sodium Hydroxide; the surgras 7% of our recipes is also a security to guarantee you soaps without any residual soda.

Product Details

100% natural soap / cold saponification
Handmade with tons of Love !
Sold "naked" or with its natural paper kraft packaging & ecofriendly label (printed with unleaded and phtalate-free inks)
"Naked" items are packed together in a natural kraft paper sheet when put in your parcel


1 Reviews

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