Oxybar 50 / Natural & ZW sunscreen-bar 80g

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"Oxybar 50" is a dermo-protective balm formulated with non-nano Zinc Oxide; it protects the skin from sun rays in SPF50 index, is water resistant and easily applied. White on application, it remains... white even after a few minutes ! Tested in vitro in laboratory (SPF / UVA / UVB).

  • Composition: Avocado Oil, Natural Soy Wax (non-GMO), Non-Nano Zinc Oxide, Rosemary CO2 supercritic extract
  • Apply on the skin by the slice
  • On very white skin (phototypes 0 to 2) or in case of strong exposure : apply in thick layer
  • Protection class: SPF50 (blocks 98% of UVA and UVB)
  • Respects aquatic fauna and flora
  • Vegan / Cruelty-free
  • Weight : 80g / Size : 6x3cm
  • Refillable aluminum box
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INCI :  Persea Gratissima oil*, Natural soya wax (non GMO), Zinc Oxide (no-nano), Rosmarinus officinalis C02 extract*

In green: organic *, natural or wild-harvest quality (* AB label, Ecocert or USDA)

Underlined: ingredients produced and/or processed locally and/or by ourselves

> Ibaïna solid balms are made from pure vegetable oils, non-GMO natural soy wax and Arrow-root. The active ingredients are added at a temperature below 38 ° to preserve all the qualities and effectiveness of the ingredients. The balms have a convenient size (6x3cm / 80g) and fit in the refillable aluminum boxes (80ml / 7x3,5cm). 

> "Oxybar 50" is formulated and tested "in vitro" under medical control (no test on animals or humans / UVA standard ISO24443 / SPF standard ISO24445). Insoluble, it respects marine ecosystems ("reef-safe"): it is formulated without chemical filter, titanium dioxide, nano-particle or controversial ingredient (aluminum, synthetic preservatives ...). It leaves a white mark on the skin, characteristic of protections developed with a non-nano mineral filter.

This balm contains no essential oils : it is suitable for everyone. It can be used during pregnancy and by young children.

Zoom on the ingredients :

> Soy wax is a non-GMO natural vegetable wax with low melting temperature and insoluble in water: it mechanically prevents the active ingredients of Oxybar 50 from dispersing in water during swimming. Soy wax texture balm and gives it flexibility; its natural melting temperature allows it to be easily applied to the skin: the balm is maintained by the slice, it is gently passed over the areas to be protected, the balm gently melts at skin temperature. In case of cold weather (ski for example!), Warm the balm beforehand in the hands. We hear you from here: no, Oxybar does not melt in the sun ;-) Leave it in its aluminum box between two uses, safe in your bag, and everything will be fine ;-)

This natural non-GMO vegetable wax adds the antioxidant benefits of Soy, rich in isoflavones effective against photo-aging and UVB-induced oxidative stress. Soy reduces the effect of free radicals and promotes the renewal of skin cells: its protective and restorative action is very useful to help the skin to fight against the harmful effects of the sun. We also use it in the formulation of after-sun care for this reason.

> Avocado oil: rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, vitamin A, B, D, E and K, Avocado oil has a natural SPF of 15. Avocado oil also has characteristics interesting for the development of this balm: it softens, moisturizes and brings tone and vitality to the skin. Our avocado oil is made by us from organic avocado. The flesh is dried and then pressed to produce an oil of extraordinary quality!

Zinc Oxide no-nano: Zinc Oxide is currently the most satisfactory non-chemical filter for developing sunscreens. This matte and inert pigment is obtained from zinc vapor with which we obtain micro-particles, whose size is responsible for the white color of Oxybar 50. Known for its protective and purifying properties, Zinc Oxide is an effective anti-UV physical protective filter: it prevents UV from reaching the skin and acts as a protective barrier against the sun's rays. It is well tolerated by the marine fauna and flora (Zinc is a mineral naturally present in the Nature), in spite of everything we did not wish it to be dispersed in the seas during the bathings. That's why we developed a resistant formulation: Oxybar 50 is naturally insoluble. It does not dissolve in water during your swim. Oxybar 50 offers mineral and natural protection against 97% of UVA and UVB (tested in vitro in the laboratory).

> Rosmarinus CO2 supercritic extract : this valuable extract acts as a preservative and antioxidant of the oils, even though they are naturally rich in vitamin E which are excellent preservatives. Since the balms are destined to be handled in "not always clean" hands, this natural preservative that is the supercritical CO2 extract of Rosemary guarantees you a durable product for about 6 months after the first use. The little plus (or enoooorme) plus: this high-tech ingredient has anti-oxidant, soothing and purifying properties very useful to help the skin during and after sun exposure.

Some recommendations:

- Ibaïna solid balms are made in Mauritius: they are studied not to melt at room temperature, even high! It is the external temperature of the human body (36 °) that gently warms the balm, so it must be gently passed over the skin (to facilitate its warming) and on the edge (the application surface is thinner) and therefore warms up more easily). The balms are solid, despite all apply them without pressing strongly: it is not useful! You can warm them in your hands beforehand if desired or in case of very cold ambient temperature.

About Sun...

- Oxybar 50 is used as a traditional protection: it is neither more nor less effective than industrial or chemical protection with equivalent index. It offers a natural alternative to protect yourself from the sun.

- Apply Oxybar 50 regularly, and renew every 2 hours; apply a generous layer on fragile skin

- Wear glasses and hat, or anti-UV clothing

We hope you enjoy this product and its INCI!

Product Details

Ecofriendly & 0 nasties
This product is made with ecofriendly ingredients & 0 nasties : it is safe for environment AND for you !
Zero waste
Refillable packaging / Eco-refill
100% Vegan & Cruelty-free
This product is made with 100% vegetable and/or mineral ingredients. All Ibaïna's products are : not tested on Animals (ingredients NOR finished product) + 100% biodegradable + 0 toxicity on aquatic fauna & flora


4 Reviews

protection ++
oubli ! ça marche très bien ! peau protégée, zéro coup de soleil malgré conditions météo pleine mer

Bon produit
s'applique facilement. La peau reste blanche mais ça reste sympa, finalemet je suis fier de pas polluer la mer avec mon nez blanc. Bon produit

Enfin !
Merci merci ! ENFIN une protection solaire efficace et naturelle ! pas de dixoyde de titane, composition nickelle, super efficace, mille fois merci ! PS : texture solide impeccable et variment pratique

Just perfect. White nose but a great sunscreen, adopted by the crew ! Thanks for us and for sealife

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