"Denti'Doo" / Natural teeth-cleansing powder

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"Denti'Doo" is a complete, effective and very gentle powder toothpaste. 50% Siwak, a millenary and precious tree used for its cleansing and cleaning properties known for oral hygiene, it is to be used so easily: we take a little powder with the wet toothbrush, brush them teeth 3 minutes, and rinse!

  • Composition: Siwak (50%), White Clay, Calcium Carbonate
  • "Denti'Doo" is not perfumed
  • Our HDPE Smart-box' is refillable

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INCI: Salvadora Persica Stem (50%), Kaolin, Calcium Carbonate

In green: organic *, natural or wild-harvest quality (* AB label, Ecocert or USDA)

Underlined: ingredients produced and/or processed locally and/or by ourselves

This natural teeth-cleansing powder is highly concentrated in Siwak, a precious tree known for centuries for its benefits in oral and dental care : this precious content makes the price higher than other powders, but don't be misunderstood with other products that would mostly contains Kaolin (lower price... and lower benefits !) : Ibaïna is a swear between you and us to provide you the best ingredients and the best recipes for your Health. 

Our recommendations: open the Mini-Box gently, keeping it straight! The powder is mobile (like any powder!) and can interfere with the opening and closing of the aluminum lid: wipe the edges well before replacing the lid. The HDPE plastic being more flexible, this packaging problem is absent: the opening and closing of the lid are easy.

Don't throw away your pots: they are infinitely rechargeable with the refill "Denti'Doo" 50g/1.76oz!

Zoom on the ingredients:

- Siwak: used for centuries in the East, the Miswak (or Siwak) begins to appear in Europe for the care of teeth and oral hygiene. Usually used as sticks, Siwak is both antiseptic (it removes germs and bacteria), it strengthens the gums and reduces bleeding, prevents plaque and eliminates bad breath. Thanks to its 50% Siwak composition, Denti'Doo does not need to be supplemented with menthol or perfume.

- White clay: sanitizing and absorbent, white clay (or Kaolin) maintains dental enamel.

- Calcium Carbonate: it is a soft abrasive which texture Denti'Doo and binds the powders between them.

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Ecofriendly & 0 nasties
This product is made with ecofriendly ingredients & 0 nasties : it is safe for environment AND for you !
Zero waste
Refillable packaging / Eco-refill


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