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Looking for a bamboo toothbrush? Ibaïna has selected for you Mavis' teethbrushes, a craftsman specialized in the work "as we like": manual and artisanal manufacturing, raw and untreated bamboo, natural bamboo fiber bristles & nylon6 brand Duband, wavy-shaped bristles for a better cleansing and gums massage ... Just the very best!

  • Handle : Moso bamboo (raw & untreated / Panda-safe)
  • Bristles : 60% Natural Bamboo Fiber / 40% Nylon6 Duband
  • Adult size: 19cm / medium bristles / natural bristles or infused with coconut charcoal
  • Children size: 15cm / Available in soft bristles for kids from 1 to 3 years old, and medium bristles for kids from 3 years old and older
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Our bamboo is grown in Asia in a sustainable plantation called "forest mix". Mavis cultivates and cuts his own bamboos and produces with his wife Lydia toothbrushes as natural as possible: the fibers of the brushes are composed of 60% of bamboo fibers and 40% of nylon6 - this is the optimal rate to be incorporated and compose a pleasant and functional brush. Nylon6 is not natural, it's the only part that is synthetic; Duband Nylon6 is made from castor oil and on the one hand plastic, non-biodegradable but recyclable.

The Moso, or "mao zhu" ("winter bamboo"), is not eaten by pandas. It is known for its spectacular growth, and it is indeed a very fast growing bamboo (almost 90cm per day!), but this growth concerns only thatch. In reality, Moso bamboo requires at least 5 weeks to reach its adult size, then 3 to 6 years for the bamboo to be mature and usable. It is harvested manually and we have selected this producer and craftsman because his work and his philosophy have profoundly caught our attention.

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